open every day


                       COVID 19

 1. wear a mask  

2. order at the window

3.  pick a patio table or order take out

4.  grab your drinks and condiments.

5. wait to hear your name called  from the intercom.

 6.  Pick up your delicious food! 


Thank you, David and Lisa

7. throw trash away and stack 

your tray. Use spray bottle and wipe down if you like.


Out of This World Burgers and Fries

Clocked is proudly owned and operated by David T. Zwart and Lisa Yaconelli and has been in operation since early 2001. Clocked has become a downtown Athens staple, known for its out-of-this-world, unique and tasty hamburgers.

Contact Us

259 West Washington St Athens Ga 30601

Phone 706-548-9175

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 11am - 9pm​​        Saturday 11am - 9pm​​        ​Sunday 11am - 9pm

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